Beautiful Hungarian-Syrian wedding at Le Til Mansion

Wedding at le til mansion – a beautiful multinational celebration with a gorgeous hungarian-syrian couple


I love multinational weddings. They always have a special atmosphere with the encounter of the different nations. Sometimes there are language difficulties between the parents or the relatives but the love and friendship defeat every obstacles. It’s always a joy to experience how different nations celebrate love. I also love late summer weddings. They are my favourites. By that time we are just over the heat of mid-summer and the length of the days are just perfect in terms of sunset and light. So when Eszti and Abed contacted me if I could be the photographer of their wedding on 19th of August I couldn’t say no. Even if it was risky for me because the due date of my son was on the 22nd of August. My little son was born on the 16th so I could be at the wedding as the happiest person on the world.

The location – Le til Mansion

Eszti and her family lives in the surrounding area so they decided to choose a location nearby. Le Til Mansion was built a couple of years ago. It has a unique atmosphere with its classical appearance and funky interior design. It also has a swimming pool and a charming garden with an outdoor ceremony spot. So there is everything in one place to enjoy the wedding.

The wedding

I started the day with the ladies getting ready. I consider myself as a documentary photographer in the first place. So therefore I always advise my couple to enjoy the day and do not fuss themselves about how to move or pose or do any awkward cheesy poses. Just celebrate the day surrounded by the most important people of their life – the family and the friends. I can definitely say that Eszti and Abed completely accomplished the task. After the ladies I photographed the groom’s preparation and we also made some portraits. After a short  gathering of the families and friends we continued with the ceremonies which had some really touching moments. The ceremony was followed by gratulations and some small group shots. Before dinner we had almost one hour for taking some nice portraits in the beautiful end summer sunset. After the dinner the party began with Hungarian and Syrian music. Such a nice experience with open-hearted people. I loved every moment of the day.