Engagement photosession in Engadin 

Engagement photosession in Engadin

Capturing Love in the Swiss Alps: Engagement Photoshoot with Évi and Atti in Engadin

Switzerland, with its breathtaking landscapes, has long been regarded as a destination for couples looking to capture their love in a picturesque setting. Évi, Atti and their dog Fabiola, embarked on an unforgettable engagement photosession in the heart of Engadin, Switzerland. This mid-season escapade allowed them to explore multiple stunning sites.  Including the  Morteratsch Glacier, the town of St. Moritz, the iconic Julierpass Red Tower, and the enchanting village of Guarda.


Évi and Atti’s engagement photoshoot took place during mid-season when Switzerland experienced traces of snow juxtaposed with the budding signs of summer. This unique combination added an enchanting touch to their photographs, creating a surreal atmosphere. The patches of snow lent a magical quality to the images, while the vibrant colors of blooming flowers and lush landscapes symbolized the couple’s journey towards a vibrant future together. It beautifully captured the transition from winter’s embrace to summer’s warmth, reflecting the resilience and blossoming love shared by them.

A Delight for Nature Enthusiasts Engadin, nestled in the southeastern part of Switzerland, is renowned for its amazing landscapes that seamlessly blend natural beauty with picturesque charm. Évi and Atti were greeted by the stunning Morteratsch Glacier, a mesmerizing expanse of ice and snow that provided a captivating backdrop for their engagement shoot. The glacier’s ethereal beauty added an air of tranquility to their photographs, capturing the essence of their love amidst nature’s grandeur.

The Epitome of Luxury and Romance. No trip to Engadin would be complete without a visit to St. Moritz, the world-renowned luxury resort town. The combination of the town’s elegant architecture, sparkling lakes, and majestic mountains formed a romantic ambiance that enhanced the photoshoot.


Julierpass and the Red Tower

A Spectacular Vantage Point For a change of scenery. We ascended the Julierpass and were rewarded with a panoramic view that seemed to stretch forever. Perched high above the clouds, we discovered the Julierpass Red Tower, an astonishing landmark. Against the backdrop of cloudy skies and rolling hills, Évi and Atti embraced, capturing the essence of their love from this unique vantage point. The red tower added a touch of color to the photographs.


Guarda, The Quintessential Swiss Village

To complete the engagement photoshoot, we ventured to the charming village of Guarda. It is often referred to as one of Switzerland’s most beautiful villages. Nestled amidst rolling meadows and surrounded by traditional Engadin houses. Guarda exuded old-world charm and offered a captivating glimpse into Swiss rural life. We explored the village’s narrow streets, lined with beautifully preserved buildings adorned with colorful flowers. Against this idyllic backdrop, Évi and Atti’s love bloomed, capturing the essence of simplicity, serenity, and everlasting romance.