Surprise proposal photo shooting in Suvretta House, St. Moritz

Surprise proposal in Suvretta House, St. Moritz

A Winter Wonderland Proposal: Bill and Cindy’s Suvretta House Surprise

In the heart of the Swiss Alps, where snow-covered mountains and pristine landscapes create a winter wonderland, Bill and Cindy from NYC embarked on a memorable journey. Little did Cindy know that this trip would not only be filled with exhilarating skiing adventures but would also mark the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Bill had a surprise up his sleeve, and I, as their photographer, was about to capture the magic.

January in St. Moritz is a haven for snow enthusiasts, and the picturesque Suvretta House served as the backdrop for this enchanting surprise proposal. Bill, with a twinkle in his eye, planned to ask Cindy the most important question of his life in the grand restaurant of the iconic hotel.

The Grand Restaurant Proposal

As a photographer, capturing a surprise proposal is both exhilarating and challenging. The fleeting nature of the moment requires a delicate balance between using documentary photography skills and drawing on wedding photography experience. With only seconds to seize the emotion, every shot must convey the essence of the proposal, freezing that ephemeral moment in time.



Bill’s carefully orchestrated plan unfolded in the Grand Restaurant of Suvretta House, where the ambiance exuded elegance and charm. Against the backdrop of chandeliers and opulent decor, Bill went down on one knee, presenting the engagement ring that would forever bind their lives together. With bated breath, I skillfully captured the raw, unfiltered emotions of this intimate moment.



Utilizing the Location for Portraits

Following the joyous acceptance of the proposal, we capitalized on the breathtaking surroundings for a portrait session. The snow-covered garden, boasting panoramic views of the Swiss Alps, provided a stunning natural backdrop. Against the serene white canvas, Bill and Cindy’s love radiated, creating timeless portraits that will forever encapsulate the magic of that winter day.



The journey continued within the opulent halls of Suvretta House. We ventured to the balcony of their suite, the intricate wooden stairs, the bustling lobby, and the front of the unique lift. Each location offered a different aesthetic, providing a diverse collection of images that showcased the couple’s love story against the backdrop of the hotel’s unparalleled luxury.



The balcony of their room became an intimate setting for capturing the quiet moments shared between Bill and Cindy. Against the snowy panorama, their connection blossomed, creating images that resonated with authenticity and tenderness.


As we ascended the wooden stairs of Suvretta House, each step seemed to echo the rising excitement of the newly engaged couple. The warmth of the wood complemented the winter chill outside, creating a visual narrative of their journey towards a shared future.


The lobby and library, adorned with timeless elegance, became a canvas for capturing the couple’s sophisticated and stylish side. The rich hues of the hotel’s interior added depth to the images, enhancing the narrative of love and commitment.

Our journey concluded at the front of the unique lift, where the old-world charm of Suvretta House met the contemporary joy of Bill and Cindy’s engagement.

Bill and Cindy’s surprise proposal photo session at Suvretta House in St. Moritz was a testament to the power of love, beautifully encapsulated in the breathtaking winter landscape of the Swiss Alps. As a photographer, the challenge was met with skill and creativity, resulting in a collection of images that will forever narrate the beginning of their lifelong adventure together.