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Blend of photojournalism and unique portraits for couples who are seeking after fun, casual and non-traditional wedding photos.

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I believe in REAL storytelling. I capture every gesture
and moment as it happens. Whether it be a deep
hug, a subtle touch or just a funny movement.
Those are all about you, reflects your personality and part
of your wedding day.


Let me introduce myself

My name is Dávid Szabó. I am (wedding)photographer, architect, half-twin, husband and father. I came from one of the most exciting cities of Europe, from Budapest and currently live in the beautiful city of St. Moritz, Switzerland with my lovely wife, Emília and our little son, Bernárd.

We just love make the most memories of our lives: spending time with family and friends, hiking, traveling, eating good food, watching movies, attending concerts and sport events. We just never get bored.

For me the best thing in wedding photography is to find the balance between composition, light and emotion. I’m excited by the challenge to make the best wedding photos out of ordinary and difficult situations.

I often use my architectural perception during the photo shootings. But the most important thing is that my intention is to show the reality, the raw emotions in a bold manner, whether it be joyful, fun or touching moments.

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Most frequent questions and answers

In short, I would describe it as a pleasant mix of photojournalistic style and unique portraits. I want to present the real events of your wedding without any interference. I believe in storytelling, that’s what makes photos special and personal. Except for portrait photography and group shots, nothing is set up or directed. I want you to experience your wedding to the fullest. At the portrait session my aim is to have a relaxed and natural atmosphere around us so we can enjoy a honest and fun photo session.

For more details send me a message by the contact form and I will send you a personalized offer for your needs. 

It strongly depends on the nature of your celebration. My couples usually receive 500-900 pictures. 

Within 2-4 days after the wedding I will send a highlight of 30-50 pictures. The entire series will be completed in 4-6 weeks depending on workload of the wedding season. You will receive the photos via a password-protected web gallery.

You will receive the best possible selection from me provided with my own unique post-procession thus ensuring the maximum quality of my work. I don’t hand over the original raw (RAW) photos.